How small is your work?

That’s a question I get asked constantly, and it’s one I really love answering… really bloody small. The pen I use to write out my pieces is 0.05mm thick, and each letter is about 1mm in height. I will be creating a video to showcase how small “small” really is - check back soon.

What equipment do you use to work at such small scale?

Just my eyes! I’m sure it won’t be that way forever, but my big old peepers are currently smashing it.

The technical drawing pens I like are the Micron Pigma 0.05mm and the Copic Line 0.05mm. These are pretty much the only two pends which allow me to get as small as I like. If you can recommend any others, please let me know!

Why are you so expensive? I can get prints that size for a lot less!

Oh my, please tell whoever is selling their prints at a lower cost to share their business model with me! I automatically include materials, posting, labour, and bespoke sleeves for all of my prints. #justsaying

But in all seriousness… a great deal of time, care and technique goes into what I do, so I charge what I feel I should. If you like what I do, then invest in my vision, if not, don’t. I truly believe that you get what you pay for, and what you are getting is a signed, unique luxury print. If you want cheap, cheerful, non-unique prints, then I absolutely recommend looking elsewhere because there are an abundance of them, and many of them are truly wonderful. Although… I can be cheerful too!

Is your stuff really handwritten? There’s no way someone sat down and wrote that all out!

This is probably really uncool of me to admit, but I absolutely sat down and wrote out every single letter and word. I love it.

We love Disney! Can we request a Disney character piece?

I love Disney too, and for that reason I have to say no. Disney's characters belong to Disney; they have created, illustrated, marketed and bought their characters to life. For me, to create a piece based on one of their designs is heavily infringing copyright law. There are many artists who will do it because it’s a source of increased traffic and profit, but out of respect for the creators, I will only create work based on real people or characters which have now passed into the public domain (are copyright free).

If you get a license or written permission from Disney, then let's absolutely make this happen!

Same goes for Harry Potter and every other recognisable TV/Film character.

Do you Photoshop your writing?

Nope. I only use photoshop to get rid of the bits of dust and dirt that show up when I scan in my work. No matter how much I clean my scanner, a piece of dust will always magically make its way onto the piece. I use photoshop to remove it, and that’s the only thing I use it for.

I found a mistake in one of your pieces!

Yep! I'm human and decided to leave it in as part of the story. With larger bodies of text, I allow the mistakes to remain, but with patterned text I have to start all over again if I make a mistake.

I've ordered a bespoke piece from you, how long will it take to arrive?

It really depends... if I don't have a lot on, then I can usually turn a small piece over in a week. However, if I have a few orders backed up then it could be a few weeks. I will be in touch with you right at the beginning and keep you informed the whole way through.